Celestial Beauty


Last night, I got a chance to gaze upon the total lunar eclipse. It was incredibly beautiful, subhann’Allah, and very soothing too. I brought my video camera outside too and got some nice footage of it.

Isn’t it amazing how something you see on the outer world makes you reflect deeply on the inside? Just seeing the Earth’s shadow on the moon was somewhat frightening and yet humbling at the same time. Frightening because it reminds us of how small we really are in the Universe, and humbling because of how Great God is. I’ve always had a fascination of outer space exactly for these reasons, and also because human beings make such a big deal about the smallest things that they don’t take the time to recognize what is right in front of them.

Life is so precious when you let your eyes and mind get lost in the wonder of the stars. One of these days, I want to buy a decent telescope so that I can explore more of God’s Universe. When I was younger, I was fascinated by the thousands of galaxies that exist, and not surprisingly, I even thought about whether or not there was life on other planets. I suppose none of us know the real answer to this question, but I remember when I was reading the Qur’an, I noticed how we say: “Alhamdullilah ‘Rabil ‘ala meen,” which translates as “Praise be to God, the Lord of all the Worlds.” The term “Worlds” stood out to me because it’s plural, not singular. To me, this refers to the Heavens, the Earth, and the rest of the expanding Universe. Think about all the planets and stars and moons that exist out there, and then reflect on your own life and evaluate how you’re living. With so much meaning and beauty that exists all around us and beyond us, is it really worth it to place so much more emphasis over the spiritual?

Everyone has duties in this world — we have to apply for jobs, support ourselves financially, support our families, raise our children, etc. — but often times, we get so stressed out, angry, impatient, and frustrated with how things are that looking at the sky or moon doesn’t mean anything to us anymore. We can create a balance between our life obligations and our spirituality. I know it’s not easy, especially when it seems that negativity occupies your mind more than anything positive.

I felt comforted looking at the moon. Comforted because I know we’re all being taken care of. In the hands of a Creator who Created something so magnificent, how can we say that we are not in good hands? There was just one thing missing from my gazing upon the moon last night. I know He knows what it is. And I know He listens to prayers in all of our hearts. Insha’Allah.