Celestial Beauty


Last night, I got a chance to gaze upon the total lunar eclipse. It was incredibly beautiful, subhann’Allah, and very soothing too. I brought my video camera outside too and got some nice footage of it.

Isn’t it amazing how something you see on the outer world makes you reflect deeply on the inside? Just seeing the Earth’s shadow on the moon was somewhat frightening and yet humbling at the same time. Frightening because it reminds us of how small we really are in the Universe, and humbling because of how Great God is. I’ve always had a fascination of outer space exactly for these reasons, and also because human beings make such a big deal about the smallest things that they don’t take the time to recognize what is right in front of them.

Life is so precious when you let your eyes and mind get lost in the wonder of the stars. One of these days, I want to buy a decent telescope so that I can explore more of God’s Universe. When I was younger, I was fascinated by the thousands of galaxies that exist, and not surprisingly, I even thought about whether or not there was life on other planets. I suppose none of us know the real answer to this question, but I remember when I was reading the Qur’an, I noticed how we say: “Alhamdullilah ‘Rabil ‘ala meen,” which translates as “Praise be to God, the Lord of all the Worlds.” The term “Worlds” stood out to me because it’s plural, not singular. To me, this refers to the Heavens, the Earth, and the rest of the expanding Universe. Think about all the planets and stars and moons that exist out there, and then reflect on your own life and evaluate how you’re living. With so much meaning and beauty that exists all around us and beyond us, is it really worth it to place so much more emphasis over the spiritual?

Everyone has duties in this world — we have to apply for jobs, support ourselves financially, support our families, raise our children, etc. — but often times, we get so stressed out, angry, impatient, and frustrated with how things are that looking at the sky or moon doesn’t mean anything to us anymore. We can create a balance between our life obligations and our spirituality. I know it’s not easy, especially when it seems that negativity occupies your mind more than anything positive.

I felt comforted looking at the moon. Comforted because I know we’re all being taken care of. In the hands of a Creator who Created something so magnificent, how can we say that we are not in good hands? There was just one thing missing from my gazing upon the moon last night. I know He knows what it is. And I know He listens to prayers in all of our hearts. Insha’Allah.


  1. amr.abyad said,

    February 21, 2008 at 10:51 pm

    In response to the comment with you which you addressed me at Muslimah’s media watch:

    The Arab group covers pharoahs, Babylonians, Phoenecians, Syrinacs, Moroccans, Tunisians, …etc

    All together are the ancestors of the relatively newer Pennisula Arabs which were the nowhere land of all the ancient Arabic groups.

    check the literature of banished Egyptians into the desert or the histories of the several groups in north western Arabia where they used to speak an ancient form of Arabic which was almost Hieroglypgic….or these of the various mesoptamioan groups pushed to the desert by the action of ammorites ( Northern Arabians later on) invasion, or the Akkadian North Eastern Arabs. In Arabia, prior to the oral poetic history of Arabs, they had only some vague folk tales about pharoahs, somerian and ammorite kingdoms. Bingo!

    Pharoanic, Babylonian , Kannanites( the intermmediate link between pennisula Arabs and ancient Egyptians) all bear considerable resemblance to the more recent Arabic language which is a mix of Egyptian, babylonyan and Aramaic languages.

    In that sense Arabs are one nation and the consituents that form our nation is by far stronger and more ancient than thiose that form the Iranian nation

    There are regional varriations, of course, but they are quite trivial within the overarching Arabic framework, especially when compared to the varriations among Iranians, chinese or Indians
    Predynastic Egyptian pottery shared many elemnts in common with Somerian one….etc .

    Yemen which was the first incubator of what is now known as Arabic is actually a melting point for Egyptians, Mesoptamoans and other semitic groups.

    The Indo-European and Persian pressure prevented actualisation of greater Arabia ( the Arab world) which was not the case in China or India…..

    Ancient Egypt was made up of numerous semitic settelments at different intervals- one in the pre dynastic era, several in the old kingdom, the modern kingdom ( the Hyksos)..etc The same goes for the parrallel sedentary civilisation- Mesoptamia which is made of successive semtic settlemnts from the PENNISULA.

    Reagrding Arab and Persian achievments.

    According to encyclopedia Britanica, thegretaest Arab scirentist and the most influential one of all times was Alhazan- Alhasan Ibn al Haytham one of pure Arab origin.

    the most influentia philsopher is IbnRushd.

    It was the Arabic dynamics an, systems and genius that gave some IRANIANS THE OPPURTUNTIES TO CONTRUÍBUTE TO CIVILITION.

    One has to remeber that the Achaemenid Persians were illiterate and they adopted the babylonian Aramaic alphabet. The ancient Persian civilisation was mere imitation of the the original ARAB SEMITIC BABYLONIAN ONE.

    regarding unity.

    say that to the bloody Iranians who are spreading murder and blood everywhere in Iraq.

    The fact that Iranians are occupying Iraq- the heart of Arabism is making the blood of all Arabs from Morocco to Iraq boil with anger.

    You want to be frioends with Arabs go out of Iraq and stay within your borders and live by the principal of good fence good neighbour

  2. Sobia said,

    February 21, 2008 at 11:43 pm

    What does this have to do with the post?

  3. brokenmystic said,

    February 22, 2008 at 9:09 pm


    Thanks for stopping by. I just wanted to share with you something that the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said during his Last Sermon:

    “All of humankind is from Adam and Eve, an Arab has no superiority over a non-Arab nor does a non-Arab have any superiority over an Arab; also a white has no superiority over a black, nor a black has any superiority over a white – except by piety and good action.”

    No matter if we are Arab, Persian, Pakistani, African, European, or whatever, Islam teaches us NOT to claim any superiority over one another. I know about Ibn al-Haytham (AlHazen) and Ibn Rushd (Averroes), and they were great contributors to optics, mathematics, astronomy, philosophy, and other sciences, but to say that they were “better” than the non-Arab Muslim contributors (like al-Khwarizmi, Ibn Sina, and al-Razi) is really pointless and quite regressive. Does it really matter whether these people were Arab or not? And should we ignore al-Khwarizmi’s invention of algebra, or Ibn Sina’s contributions to modern medicine, or al-Razi’s achievements in chemistry just because they weren’t Arab? They were Muslims and Islam was their way of life. The Muslim Ummah is not exclusively an Arab one or a Persian one. It is supposed to be an Ummah united under the banner of Islam.

    In terms of you unity, you said I should tell that to the Iranians. I speak of unity towards all people that I meet, but what I have learned is that we must establish peace within ourselves first before accusing another person (or group) of being hateful. Are you going to hate every Iranian or non-Arab just because of their ethnic background? Are you going to hate them without even getting to know who they are? This is called stereotyping and there are many ignorant people in the West who stereotype about Arabs, so I’m sure you must know how it feels (I’ve experienced a lot of prejudice myself). I suggest you ask yourself how the Prophet (peace be upon him) would behave towards others. He once said, “Do you not Love your Creator? Love your fellow beings first.”


  4. February 22, 2008 at 9:57 pm

    Look, I have no problems with other ethnicities, and frankly speaking I have bever experienced any form of prejudice , simply because of my tolerant attidude towards anyone who is different from me. My hatred of Iran- the power, as opposed to Iranian individuals, is simply because of the Iranian occupation of my Arab lands. As simple as that. As regards Iranian individuals I have no problems with them as such, except when I detect support of the Iranian occupation of Iraq or an attempt to propagate anti- Arab destructive views on Arab world. Messing with the sacred notion of Arab unbity or Arab nationalism is red line in the Arab nation that has to be respected by non-Arabs in case they want our friendship

  5. Duniya said,

    February 23, 2008 at 3:37 am

    So should non-Arabs accept their ill treatment by Arabs? You speak as if Arabs have never done terrible things. They have also occupied other people’s lands, raped women, pillaged nations. To point the finger at others when your people are also guilty doesn’t make sense. And if there is oppression of a people from a certain people then we must speak up against that oppression. If Black people had never spoken up against White people they may still have been slaves. Your attitude seems to be “Never question an Arab!” Just as we have a right to question and criticism White supremacy and racism we also have the right to question and criticize Arab supremacy and racism where we see it. Are you saying that we should just accept the racism that many Arabs have towards others?

  6. Duniya said,

    February 23, 2008 at 3:40 am

    Remember a man named Saddam Hussain? He murdered thousands of Iranians. And remember also, the Iran-Iraq war was instigated by Iraq, not Iran.


  7. February 23, 2008 at 11:42 am


    Your response is very irrelvant to what I have been saying. Arabs never pillaged any other nations. in Egypt, Syria, Yemen, Saudi Arabia and Iraq we have been all semites with a brilliant thousands of years of history. Abrahaimic faiths were all Arabic ones. the entire Judeo-Christian heritage is embedded in the ancient Arab semitc Babylonian and Pharoanic belif systems. Our peoples and cultures have been interacting since the incepton of civilisation at the hands of Arabs.

    The Aramaic Baylonian language which you adopted its ” alphabet” as you didnt have one afyer having sacked Iraq and Egypt ( all this i sancient history that is irrlevent, but it seems that you have to listen this since you ar so keeen on talking about past things) is the direct predecessor of Arabic.

    Pennisual Arabis themselves are the direct desendants of Yemnse Iraqis an Egyptian and Syrians.

    The elements of similarity between Pharoanic, Bbaylonian or Chebean( Yemnse) cultures are by far more than those that existed between Parthians, Achaemenids and Sassanids. But it seems that you like to read history only starting from the pont you like.

    Arabs liberated the Semitic ancient Arabic world from the totally allien Persian colonialism.

    Secondly, what you are saying read that ranians have to occupy Iraq and spread the ignorance of the Mullahs there because Arabs liberated themslves in 600 A.D from the Persian occupation:))

    Thirdly, npow you have reveald your true colours, you ar dting a site for al Muslims while you adopt a pro-iran view. That’s why you never tackle the issues of ignrance and women opression in the Mullah’s Iran and only focus on the Arab problems.

    Fourthly, Arabs are not enslaving anyone, are you imaging things or what?

    Fifthly, regarding the Arab-Iran war, I call it that because Egypt and all Arabs faught by the side of Iraq to liberate the rab lands from the Iranian occupation. Especially in El-Fao battles which werecaried out by pur weapons and strategic planners.

    Regarding this war, Arabs want to have nothing to do with Iran they treat it like a Mulsim neighbour that is all. However the converse is not true in case of Ira. you keep interfering in our affairs. Which I find quite starnge.

    For example that strange man Khomeini called Arab natiolisnm herecey and declared that he he will bring down the progressive Baathist regime!!! what do you call this? Your Mullahs reisted vehmently Iraq’s attepmts to modernise and develop the south on the pretext of speading Khpomeini’s hallucinations about revolution. Therefore Iraq had no choice but to o to war against Iran Rember that Iraq filed 100 complaints to the U.N regarding the Irania border harrasement.

    Finaly Dunya you are seemingly a samrt pecon, so please don’t pretend you don’t know what you are talking about when you are discussing things. And repond to my clear-cut points instead of making irrelvent replies.

    You know you might as well discuss the perscution of the Ahwas Arabs who live by the eastern shore of the Arabian gulf. who are denied fro writing and learning in their mother tongue, and their fair demands are diregarded by the persian nationlist government in Qum masquarading as a shiite one. What the belluchis who are fighting for indepndence. What about the Azeri Turks whom you want to wipe out thei Turkish identity, that’s why you supported the christian Armenia in its war against the Shhir Azerbayjan:)))

    on a different note, what has white supramacy has got to do with this?

    the conflict in Darfour is between balcks and eachother. It is being misrepresented in media as an Arab balck conflict- while in fact they are all balcks with eachother. we Have got nothing to do with this In Egypt or any other Arab country

    I am realy curious to see how could you or any other Iranian respond to that?

  8. Aafke said,

    February 23, 2008 at 6:05 pm

    I’m white as snow. So I’m better than anybody else who isn’t. 🙂
    Súch a comfortable feeling!
    (this is supposed to be funny)

    Broken Mystic: Your photo is very good too! Good that you got to see it for real!
    In the Netherlands you can’t really depend on getting the opportunity, and usually I rather like all the rain and cold over-here. So the post in my blog was also meant to be taken with a pinch of salt.

    I liked your post very much. You are so right, many of our problems and dislikes and small miseries seem little when viewed from a more ”cosmic” level!

  9. Autumn said,

    February 23, 2008 at 8:11 pm

    I don’t think that there is any power in the world without blood on its hands, in the present, past or future.

    I do think that we should consider nationalism, especially that which causes divisions between nations, is what gives legitimacy to modern power structures in the eyes of common people. Through nationalism we justify the things that are governments do in our names. As has been alluded, the common every day individual has the same basic interest as any other: making it through this life in reasonable comfort. Borders are imaginary. National identities are constructs. Which is to say, they mean nothing outside the physical space of our own heads. Hunger has no sense of nation. If we are convinced that our nation is inherently “better” or that another’s is barbaric, the gain is ultimately on the side of power, and not on the side of the common person. In other words, we have all been played for fools.

    Bickering over national histories is futile, as those histories will be contrived based on the point of supremacy or barbarism one tries to make. Let us be known by our actions. If we care about the places we live, let’s do something to give ourselves a reason to be proud. If we care about the world we live in, let’s do what it takes to make it better for everyone and everything that lives on it.

  10. brokenmystic said,

    February 23, 2008 at 8:48 pm

    Duniya – I agree with you that mistreatment of non-Arabs exist in many parts of the Arab world, particularly in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.

    Amre – I think you’re misinterpreting what Duniya is saying. She’s not saying that ALL Arabs are bad. We acknowledge that there is discrimination and prejudice towards Arabs and Muslims in the United States, but just because we criticize the way Arabs treat non-Arabs doesn’t mean that we’re generalizing about the entire population. We should be mindful of the way Arabs mistreat non-Arabs, AND vice versa.

    Aafke — thanks for visiting and being the only one to comment on my entry, lol! No offense to anyone else for course : P The Universe is a vast place and there is so much more we can appreciate rather than fighting one another!

    Autumn – thanks for sharing your thoughts : ) I agree with you that borders are imaginary and that every civilization has done something horrible at one point or another in history. To judge someone based upon their group’s history is really unfair towards the individual. We need to broaden our minds and start thinking progressively.

  11. Aafke said,

    February 23, 2008 at 9:53 pm

    The thing with humans is; some are nice, some are evil. Totally regardless of nations and religions, time and space.
    From a cosmic point of view: if you count everything together we are really all the same.
    That is also why we all like a good moon-eclipse.

  12. February 23, 2008 at 10:03 pm

    Aafke, thanks for the beautiful analogy! I believe all human beings are innately good, it’s just the environment and surrounding situations that persuade us in different directions. People formulate stereotypes without understanding this concept.

    We are all like planets in the Universe, and their orbits symbolize the different paths we follow. The Sun symbolizes the One Truth we all strive for. Like planets orbiting the Sun, we are all dancing around the Same Source 🙂

  13. Aafke said,

    February 23, 2008 at 10:29 pm

    Broken Mystic: I’m afraid I think that all human beings also carry the potential for great evil, and that it is our responsibility to keep thinking, to recognise right from wrong, and to fight what is bad in ourselves. To keep pure, to be truthful, to sacrifice small gratifications for greater good, and to do more: to be responsible and help others. The dance we all form around the sun is basically this.

    I agree with your analogy: I truly believe that ”the sun” we all dance around is such a great power that every path will eventually lead to the same enlightenment.

  14. February 24, 2008 at 12:57 am

    Aafke 🙂

    I agree that human beings have the potential to do harmful and evil things, and that they must continually reflect and learn. What I meant was that human beings aren’t born to be evil right from the start. The Qur’an says:

    “He is the One who created everything and He originated the creation of man out of clay, then He fashioned his progeny of an extraction of mean water, then He shaped it, and breathed His spirit in it. And He appointed for you hearing and sight, and heart; little thanks you show.” (32:7‑9)

    The key phrases to highlight in this verse are “breathed His spirit in it” and “He appointed for you hearing and sight, and heart…” According to certain scholars, this “heart” and “spirit” that God has breathed into us represents our ability to Love. It represents the special qualities inside of us that go beyond our physiological being. The ability to Love is a gift, but it can be misused. It can turn into lust, indifference, and extend all the way to even hate.

    I believe that the message from God was essentially sent to us so that we may learn and become better human beings. If we are not mindful of ourselves and our actions, then we are likely to become reckless and even violent.

    “I truly believe that ”the sun” we all dance around is such a great power that every path will eventually lead to the same enlightenment.” — Well said! I heartily agree 🙂

  15. seekingnoor said,

    February 24, 2008 at 10:31 pm

    I think this post is brilliant. I loved what you wrote and wish that there were more open minded individuals in the world like yourself. There will never be peace in our world until we start accepting each other person to person and realizing that politicians, greed, close-mindness is why the world is in the state it presently is in. We need people to educate themselves and not blindly accept what might have been taught to us from generation to generation, or by what the media tells us. Keep up the great work – yours is one of the very few blogs that I am learning something from. P.S. Your photo is awesome. The weather where I live was terrible the night of the eclipse so I missed it live and in person, but your photo was almost like being there! 🙂

  16. brokenmystic said,

    February 25, 2008 at 12:35 am

    Seekingnoor, I’m glad to hear that you find my blog informative and insightful, thank you! And this photo isn’t a picture that I took personally. I got it from another website, lol. I *did* get to video tape the eclipse and I was just watching some of it again last night!

    I believe the next eclipse will be in 2010, so insha’Allah, you’ll get to see it then! I heard something about 2009 too, but I’m not sure if that’s true.

  17. Aafke said,

    February 25, 2008 at 1:14 am

    Broken Mystic, Thanks, I am perhaps too pessimistic, and you gave me something to think about.

    The next one is in 2010. 🙂

  18. sahar motallebi said,

    December 7, 2008 at 12:59 pm

    Dear brokenmystic
    You have beautiful weblog but I have to remind you what ever is posted is not necessarily true…especially in statements of one of dear friends above I appreciate if he can contribute with some internationally accredited references, I see he is dropping this information everywhere, but there is no reference provided.
    You can simply refer to Wikipedia to understand that most of above mentioned so called information is not backed with facts and realities and real histories.
    Unfortunately this sort of statements would not change the history and facts but only will spread hatred among nations, do we believe what ever Hitler had said in his book or what ever he believed was true?
    Persians and Egyptians were two big nations coming exactly at the same time in two different places and both learned from each other and both contributed to the human civilization a lot.
    Despite of all political situation which had separated these two nations recently, but they are amazingly similar, you will understand it only when you have observed both nations in there homeland.

    I believe if people have chances to travel they will learn about history and life of other nation then it automatically become quite embarrassing to spend so much time on pan…isms and distorting facts and realities and provoking different nations against each other.
    The main fact is although Middle East seems (nobody is sure yet since there is remaining of about 10,000 years civilization in America) to be origin of civilization but unfortunately has long way to bring dignity and glorious to the life of its people.
    Better we learn from nations such as Japanese who after second war silently worked hard and produced sciences to bring welfare, safety, equity to the life of their citizens and then proudly present themselves to the world and still with modesty.
    Look at Chinese they are as old as Middle Eastern, instead of wasting time on advocating for Pan…ism they worked hard and now they captured economic world.
    Look at Swedish who are descents of Vikings have developed such civilized society with high level of tolerance and hospitality and contribution to humanitarian support to other nations and they are still modest.

  19. Iranian Azeri said,

    December 9, 2008 at 2:27 pm

    Dear Amr Abyad

    A. About your statements on Iran political situation at http://fanonite.org/2007/09/04/why-bush-can-get-away-with-attacking-iran/, even as an opposition to the politics of Iranian arabized regime I have to mention that most of information you are providing is fake ( I am one of those 25% Azeri you mentioned). There is minimum conflict between ethnicities especially in borders of Iran like Kurds, Azeri, Turkmen, Arab, Balouch compare to neighboring countries in Iraq, Turkey, Pakistan, strangely the level of development is quite higher in Iran side in all those area compare to outside, they might have conflict with regime but never is a consensus for independence form Iran, for your notes on Arabs in Khuzestan please just search in wikipedia on “Iranian Arabs”!!!

    B. One of most unique characteristics of Iran ( Persia) is that too many races and cultures with different languages are living in this land for thousands of years in peace and integrity, very surprisingly maybe the only thing that had united them is the term of being “Iranian” and Persian as a pride , this is very well documented in the history that in any invasion all of them were fighting for the country shoulder by shoulder, this is exactly opposite the Arabs which despite of having common language, religion, culture etc still they are not one united nation to back each other in time of dangers and difficulties. For your information most of Iranians are speaking easily 2-3 local languages, this is one of the important tool they apply to preserve their integrity with respecting each others culture enthusiastically.

    C. Except for this recent 3 decades in our history Iran was always much more tolerant than other nations in neighborhood or far west about religion. Refer to BBC documentary on Jews in Iran, before revolution of 1979 Iran had biggest population of Jews in Middle East, this is related to historical turning point in 600 BC when Cyrus king of Persia accommodate Jews refugees as the first ever state in the history and put it as rule in his humanitarian charter, that all people have full right and freedom in their religion they are perusing.

    D. What is happening in Middle East rather than for its oil rich attraction and political strategically location is “religion”, which as you insisted all the time is the product of your so called Arab nation to the world, while your so called barbers (when you refer to Romans and Persians) were busy with producing and preserving science for human civilization. Now you are accusing Iranians to have retarded religious belief, while they are suffering themselves from their arabized dictators.

    E. Have you forgotten all this Jihadi terrorist group originated in that so called Arab nation integrated in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iraq? How many of attackers of 11 Sept was Arab let say Egyptian? Was there any Afghani or Iranian among them? Why US didn’t target Egypt or Saudi Arabia although the major part of that team was from these 2 countries?

    F. In one point you were discussing hatred between Arabs and Persians, let me remind you biggest reason is that Iranians strongly believe that progress of their civilization was haltered in 1400 years ago when Arabs invaded Iran, and brutally destroyed all signs of civilization ( who is barber?) universities, libraries, theatres, since they were coming from such an underdeveloped societies that hadn’t capacity to understand development’s signs ( don’t forget Islam as a ruling system mainly came to stop them form raping their sisters and burying alive their daughters and looting their brothers properties)

    G. You possess all achievements of Iranian in civilization for the benefit of Arabs quite frequently a simple search for “Iranian scholars” and matching it with your list will reveal the fact, your master piece is your inventing very funny terms like “Arabized Kurd: Salahedin Ayub” …..if you dare tell it to Kurds, they strongly believed that they are the most pure Arians.

    H. Your main evidence that all nations from Morroco to Iraq are one originally one nation is that they all speak Arabic,a simple response from any average IQ to you would be that Egyptians are as much Arab as Algerian are French. Further they all speak Arabic because of Islam not anything else, there is too many accredited information available on net on studies of genetic origin of each of these countries, perhaps if you get chance in future to travel to all these countries you will meet too many tribes living with different languages and physical attributes.

    I. You are ignoring totally Palestinians as part of this nation and never mention any interest to support them as part of your unity, you use them just when you need some victim to accuse some assumed enemy but never there is any expression of willing to improve their situation, no need to mentioned that recently Egypt closed the food supply channel over the Palestinians in Gaza shoulder by shoulder of Israelis.

    I will apply your tactic and will use this opportunity to mention some points on my finding about your notes in web:

    Searching your name “Amr Abyadon” in web has amazing result ( I suggest to other audience to try it personally if interested ) ;

    1-Its seems that you are actively looking for any opportunity to show your hatred toward Persian/ Iranian by distorting history and making a fake history and try to sell it to those that might have spent less time on studying history.

    2-You are pushing too hard to change the identity of people of North Africa and Middle East to Arab by force.

    Studying responses of many of your audience amazingly shows that many of them especially Egyptians believe that they are Egyptians and Arab speaker but not Arab by genetic as you insist to induce in them.

    3. You are providing most of the time not well supported theories as fact (do you know the difference between theory and proven fact in Arabic Farz and Asl?)

    4. You are obviously advocating war, giving legitimacy to mass killing, usage of chemical weapon against civilians and supporting terror symbols, advocating racism very close to Nazism

    The quick analysis on all your comments and notes on internet will give this impression;

    These all shows presence of serious psychological problem developed into antisocial personality, in other words it is considered a danger for humanity, having potential to become a terrorist or mass murderer which needs close observation and control, your hero is Saddam with incredible evidence of committing crimes ( I think you rarely have talked to Iraqis).

    From other point your strong hatred towards Persians/Iranian and your eye-catching struggle to downgrade this nation possessing their achievement and pride for benefit of Arab nation have a subtle very naughty notion that you have some complex with Persians which has resulted in ill behavior and need professional interventions to guarantee your health.

    An Iranian Azeri

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