“Broken Mystic” Nominated for a Brass Crescent Award!


I was surprised this morning when I found out that my blog was nominated for a Brass Crescent Award. Visit the link and you will see that I am nominated in the “Best Post or Series” category.  The voting process has begun, so please show your support and vote for my blog!

The blog posts that I’m nominated for are my posts on Muslim women in comic books.  I’m sure my regular readers remember them, as they were also posted on Muslimah Media Watch, (nominated for Best Group Blog) Racialicious, and Fantasy Magazine.

For those who haven’t read them, follow the links below to read my two-part essay titled “Female, Muslim, and Mutant:  A Critique of Muslim Women in Comic Books.”

Part 1 of 2

Part 2 of 2

Thank you everyone for your support!  It doesn’t matter if I win or not, the nomination was enough motivation for me to keep writing.  I really appreciate all those who read my posts and share their thoughts.


~Broken Mystic~