Zamin-e-Ahou (Guarantor of Gazelle)


Learn to stand in the Soul of the World
Learn to feel all the radiant colors of Life
Learn to merge with the Spirit of the Beloved
Learn to find your wings and journey skyward

Immerse in the Here and Now, in this precious Love
Hold your hands out, catch the raining snow
Kisses from the sky, winter flowers from above
Journey on and unlock the doors to hidden reality

Embrace the Spirit of Living
And you will see the Sacred Garden
Blooming for Imam Reza – the embodiment of Light
May the blessings of Angels and Divine be upon him

O’ Rose of the Empyrean
When you blossomed into smiles
The Earth never forgot your face
The hearts of poets poured like fountains

Nightingales sung your name
Lonely florets begged for your return
And the moon became the shining mirror of your Beauty
Like a guiding star in the silent night sky
A beacon for hope; worlds within worlds, a galaxy

All of Creation turned to you, illuminated Soul!
When the beautiful-bodied gazelle galloped your way
You told her there was nothing to fear
You said all danger would turn away

When the Hunter aimed his arrow upon her
The gazelle said to you:
Please tell the Hunter I must feed my children
They are starving, but I promise to return here
For I understand that my sacrifice
Serves as a benefit to other starving children

No one can speak to animals, the Hunter thought
How dare this so-called “Holy man” insult me!
And thus, he tightened his grip and prepared for release
But only to be mystified by the words of Divine serenity

Hunter, said the blessed Imam Reza
Let the gazelle go
Be patient
She will return
She has promised me

It was as if the entire forest listened
And to the Hunter’s astonishment
The gazelle returned after feeding her young
She returned fearless and sat with the Friend

The Hunter could not kill the animal
He realized her faith was greater than his
How unafraid she was of death
How willing she was to sacrifice for Holiness

He lowered his bow and realized
The Holy Imam was teaching a lesson to all of humanity
A beautiful lesson about the Way of Giving
Of compassion, gratefulness, and humility

How can you take an animal’s life
When you do not understand the lives they live?
What does “halal” mean to you
When your eating is simply impulsive?

Renounce your pompous pride
Renounce this foolish “sport” of point and shoot
The animal is not your wall trophy
Look not at the form or shape, but look inside
The earth is not your dominion
We share this place together
Be mindful to fellow Creation
And to the Master above

O’ Pearl of God’s Ocean
The Guarantor of Gazelle
The Love you teach opens the Portal of Union
Between the Outer and the Inner

Peace and Blessings to you, Imam Reza
Enlightened and Awakened one
Eighth Rose of Darling Fatima
Healer and Protector of the helpless

Beautiful Friend of Allah

~ Broken Mystic ~


Mother Is God in the Eyes of a Child

In a graceful garden of innocence
The children dance in magical splendor
Around and around the carousal, they laugh and cheer
Unaware of the dark world outside

Who protects them from the dark rivers
They know of not?
Who protects them from the cruel places
They know of not?

One day, a little boy saw a white dandelion
Float away and to the unknown
He followed it so harmlessly
But found himself in darkness and lost his way home

His eyes turned and turned
Wandered and wandered
For the glorious sight of the enchanted garden
But his tears made him blind

He fell into the cold waters
And was carried hurriedly down the stream
Dead winter trees envied his purity
And the hungry animals craved for his body

The devil’s rain struck the boy violently
And choked his cries
They watched, they listened, and waited for his death
But silence was broken when light pierced through the red skies

The boy looked skywards and saw a luminous being emerge
A great vision for all the dark world to see
A Goddess shining like the soft moon
Reached her hand into the dark sea

She said: “The child is mine, No harm shall befall him”
Her words are not mere words, and her actions are not mere concern
But Love and only Love
The dark world was left mystified and unlearned

“You see, Dark World?” she sang so beautifully
As she held her beloved child in her arms
“Love will always prevail wherever you wish to lead my children astray”
Though they do not listen now, they will understand one day:

Only a mother will journey in the darkness to save her child
For Truly, as the Prophet said
Paradise is at her feet

Happy Mother’s Day, Mom. Thank you for Being 🙂

~ Broken Mystic ~