Protected: The Sad, yet Magical Moments

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Lost in the mystic garden
You listen to the wounded flowers
And mourn with the song of separation
Arcane violins lamenting the conference of sad Souls

Teardrops in the earth, daggers in the sky
The rain is bleeding your name in each drop
Weak blossoms weep for Beloved
Trembling vines kiss moonlight a painful goodbye

A thousand fallen rose petals for heartbreak
Seven hundred for misery
One million for exile
Sorrow immortalized on a Persian tapestry

Watching from the terrace
You see memories scattered like pearls
Across the silent ocean
Sailing quietly to their black abyss

Your fortress burned to the ground
And you walked away from the ruins – why?
Back to your library, you went
In pursuit of words and the wise

A flute player comes knocking the next day
You have been up all night, shattered from the inside
“Go away!” you shout
“I’m Reading!”

“O Seeker!” he says,
“Like a blind fugitive, you were chased back into your prison
If only you understood the words you read
You would have never closed this door again!”

Tribal nomads arrive with their instruments
And play a melody of sorrow and beauty
With poetry like an Urdu Ghazal
And music like the ethereal

The flute player explains
“Joy and Sorrow are mirrors to each other
Beneath Sorrow, treasures of Joy is what you will always find
When you were in ruins, you left these behind:”

A paintbrush and a bowl of colors

It is the only way out – paint on the prison wall
The vision of your heart – walk into it!
Pass through the Portal of Experience
Be drawn to Love’s sacred call

Tear through the cloak of Reason and step into the Unseen
You have the flame of Zarathustra burning with the soul of the world
You have the staff of Moses transforming all illusion into reality
You have the light of Muhammad shining upon all creation

Keep painting, Soul Painter!
Merge the Visible with the Invisible
Defy the odds like Imam Husayn and ‘Ali
Spears and daggers are no obstacle
In the face of this hidden wonder’s unity

The wild dance of the santur
Rhythmic tabla, the strike of the sitar
The cinematic overture

Dance in the Eternal King’s courtyard
Escape the man-made rules and laws of control
Dance! You are a planet orbiting His Beauty
Only He can look into the window of your Soul

Creator says:
You have nothing to fear
I am with you
Show Me your wounds
And I will heal them
Tell Me your sorrows
And I will show you that I am near
Tell Me your hardships
And I will show you the blessed path you travel
Tell Me of those endless halls you wander
And I will guide you through
Hand Me your tears
And I will show you the ocean they belong to

Open your hands
And reach into the sky if you want to be lifted
Let your feet bid farewell to the earth
If you want to soar to infinity

Close your eyes
Breathe – arms out, heart open
Receive the wind, the sea, the spirit of all creation
Embrace this Love that cannot be named

Now open your eyes
Here is the Garden, here is the Sun
To the Fields of Fortune you must go
Leap, with all of your Being

Elysium awaits you, Brave one.

~ Broken Mystic~

Mother Is God in the Eyes of a Child

In a graceful garden of innocence
The children dance in magical splendor
Around and around the carousal, they laugh and cheer
Unaware of the dark world outside

Who protects them from the dark rivers
They know of not?
Who protects them from the cruel places
They know of not?

One day, a little boy saw a white dandelion
Float away and to the unknown
He followed it so harmlessly
But found himself in darkness and lost his way home

His eyes turned and turned
Wandered and wandered
For the glorious sight of the enchanted garden
But his tears made him blind

He fell into the cold waters
And was carried hurriedly down the stream
Dead winter trees envied his purity
And the hungry animals craved for his body

The devil’s rain struck the boy violently
And choked his cries
They watched, they listened, and waited for his death
But silence was broken when light pierced through the red skies

The boy looked skywards and saw a luminous being emerge
A great vision for all the dark world to see
A Goddess shining like the soft moon
Reached her hand into the dark sea

She said: “The child is mine, No harm shall befall him”
Her words are not mere words, and her actions are not mere concern
But Love and only Love
The dark world was left mystified and unlearned

“You see, Dark World?” she sang so beautifully
As she held her beloved child in her arms
“Love will always prevail wherever you wish to lead my children astray”
Though they do not listen now, they will understand one day:

Only a mother will journey in the darkness to save her child
For Truly, as the Prophet said
Paradise is at her feet

Happy Mother’s Day, Mom. Thank you for Being 🙂

~ Broken Mystic ~